Leadership Scientific Software (LSSw) Portal

Leadership Scientific Software (LSSw) Portal

The LSSw portal is dedicated to building community and understanding around the development and sustainable delivery of leadership scientific software.

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) Exascale Computing Project (ECP) is developing many of the important enabling technologies required for obtaining functionality and performance on upcoming exascale computers. As part of this effort, the ECP Software Technology (ST) focus area has established a macro-engineering software lifecycle to plan, execute, track, and assess product development toward the delivery of a curated portfolio of reusable, open-source software products called the Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack or E4S.

During the final years of ECP, one key objective is to transition our efforts to a sustainable organization and model for continued development and delivery of future capabilities, including incorporation of new scientific software domains, and expansion of the contributor and user communities.

This LSSw portal is dedicated to supporting communication and community building toward the sustainable development and delivery of Leadership Scientific Software.

A Working Definition of Leadership Scientific Software

We define Leadership Scientific Software to be libraries, tools and environments that contribute to scientific discovery and insight in new and emerging computing environments, including supercomputers, large-scale scientific instruments, sensors, and more. More Details

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