Meeting 12

Meeting 12

Time: Thursday, May 18, 2023, 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Topic: Promoting inclusive and equitable research: Town hall discussion with seed projects and ECP Broadening Participation Initiative

Description: Collaborating to address urgent challenges in workforce recruitment and retention in the computing sciences is a critical aspect of work in the DOE community. Work is needed to expand diversity and stable career paths, while fostering a community and culture that attract and retain new generations of scientists and research software engineers. In this meeting, representatives from the six seed projects, as well as from the ECP Broadening Participation Initiative, will participate in a panel discussion.

In opening remarks, the panelists will briefly describe their project’s plan for promoting inclusive and equitable research (PIER plan), as well as provide an update on work in three complementary thrusts of the ECP Broadening Participation Initiative.

Panelists, their affiliations, and seed project titles are:

  • Representatives from the ECP Broadening Participation Initiative
  • David Bernholdt, Argonne National Lab, COLABS: Collaboration of Oak Ridge National Lab, LBNL, and ANL for Better Software
  • Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Oak Ridge National Lab, Center for Sustaining Workflows and Application Services
  • Mike Jantz, Oak Ridge National Lab, STEP: Sustainable Tools Ecosystem Project
  • Keita Teranishi, Oak Ridge National Lab, S4PST: Sustainability for Node Level Programming Systems and Tools
  • Addi Malviya-Thakur, Oak Ridge National Lab, Open Scientific Software Foundation
  • Lois Curfman McInnes, Argonne National Lab, PESO: Toward a Post-ECP Software-Sustainability Organization

In opening remarks each panelist will briefly describe their seed project. Discussion will continue with questions and answers.

Why attend: To learn about preliminary work and plans to address workforce challenges in DOE computing sciences; to share your insights about challenges, best practices, and opportunities for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the DOE computing sciences workforce.

Slides: LSSwMeeting12Panel.pdf

HPC Workforce Input 2023 Form

Video: Zoom Recording