Meeting 10

Meeting 10

Time: Thursday, July 28, 2022, 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Topic: Expanding Laboratory, University, and Industry Collaborations: An Industry Panel Discussion

Description: The open-source scientific software community benefits from complementary and leveraged contributions from universities, laboratories, and industry. Numerous partnerships are already in place, but more opportunities exist. The cost of making high-quality scientific software libraries and tools has decreased due to widely used tools and platforms such as GitHub, and the need for high-quality software ecosystems has increased due to growing scientific demands and increased interconnection between scientific disciplines. The importance of collaboration in sustaining and leveraging laboratory, university, and industry investments is even more important as we go forward.

In this panel discussion, we bring community members with strong industry experience together to explore how we can further improve leverage and complementarity so that the whole scientific community can realize the benefits of new software capabilities as they emerge.

This month our panelists are:

  • John Cary, Tech-X Corp
  • Sarah Knepper, Intel Corp
  • Pete Mendygral, HPE, Inc
  • Jeff Larkin, NVIDIA Corp
  • Bob Lucas, ANSYS, Inc

In opening remarks, panelists briefly address the following questions from their perspectives:

  • What are some existing examples of scientific software collaboration between federal agency-sponsored programs (at labs and universities) and software vendor product development?
  • What has worked and not worked well with past leverage and complementarity efforts?
  • What are some near-term opportunities to improve leverage and complementarity?
  • What are some long-term opportunities and constraints on leverage and complementarity?

Why attend: To discuss the opportunities and strategies for improved leverage and complementarity of laboratory, university, and industry scientific software efforts.

Slides: LSSwMeeting10Panel.pdf

Video: Zoom Recording