Meeting 7

Meeting 7

Time: Thursday, April 21, 2022, 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Topic: Expanding the Scope of What is Reusable: A panel discussion

Description: General-purpose reusable libraries and tools for scientific applications have been very successful. Math, I/O, viz and portable programming libraries and tools have been particularly valuable. Other, more application-specific, libraries and tools have also had some success, for example, the Co-Design Centers sponsored by the Exascale Computing Project, but have received less attention and can be more challenging to sustain. This month we have panelists to help explore expanding the kinds of functionality that can be encapsulated for reuse:

  • Ethan Coon, ORNL
  • Angela Herring, LANL
  • Slaven Peles, ORNL
  • Andrew Salinger, SNL
  • Andrew Siegel, ANL

In opening remarks, panelists briefly address the following questions from their perspective:

  • Do you think there is value in designing, implementing, and delivering application-specific libraries, tools, and environments as reusable components?
  • What has worked and not worked well with past efforts in this area?
  • What are some near-term opportunities to componentize in your application area?
  • How could this kind of software collection be adapted and sustained?

Why attend: To discuss the feasibility, strategies, and opportunities for expanding the scope of functionality that can be encoded in reusable components, libraries, and tools to better include more application-specific functionality.

Slides: LSSwMeeting7Panel.pdf

Video: Zoom Recording